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Customized Luxury Sprinter Vans.

Land Yacht Motor Werks is a Mercedes Sprinter Outfitter that caters to individuals and businesses that appreciate that the journey is just as important as the destination.

Land Yacht gives you the freedom to customize your own van or fleet of vans with a wide range of seating configurations, color combinations, and premium upgrades.

Whether for work or play, distinctive transportation options are only limited by your imagination.

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Luxury Off Road Tailgating Conversion

Assignment: Turn this Sprinter 170 4X4 into a family travel and tailgating van with all the conveniences of an RV.

Our client’s family often visits their son up North who is a professional ice hockey player. This makes good use of the tailgating features that include a rear facing large flat screen TV viewable from the outside. Another fun feature is exterior front and rear flood lights mounted on the custom roof deck. A unique feature to this build is a custom powder coated exterior which provides superior protection from the elements.

RV Party Van

Outdoor Activity and Mobile Office Van

Assignment: Convert this Sprinter 144 into an “escape from the rat race” van that can be used for quick jaunts as well as long vacations. The clients, both doctors, also use it for a mobile office.

The features include three porthole windows, custom window frames with curtains, water tank heater pads, ceramic window tint, fresh and gray water tanks, custom flooring, a cell phone signal booster, and a portable audio player.

The furnishings include a captain’s chair with a massage feature, custom upholstered walls & headliner, a custom bench to bed, ample cabinets and drawers, and a mini sleeper bunk.

Brain Lab Build

Assignment: Turn this Sprinter 170 EXT into a mobile medical van that facilitates therapeutic brain scanning and diagnostics.

The Brain Lab Build is a mobile medical build with many special features. The cabin has plenty of room for amenities including overhead lighting, cabinets, a refrigerator, a therapeutic chair, and a high definition TV. This TV can be used both for entertainment and for brain scanning purposes. The build also has fresh and gray water tanks. It has three custom steps for easy accessibility. The back of the van also has a portable toilet, a sink, and a microwave. Power inputs for charging the power system batteries include shore power (30 AMP 120 VAC), alternator input, and solar. Two 5,000 Watt batteries provide plenty of power to the high powered brain scanning device.

Retirees' Family Travel Build

Assignment: Turn this Sprinter 170 EXT into a retirees' family travel build with space to bring along their four dogs.

The Retirees' Family Travel Build includes two captain's chairs, dual side benches, a pull out table and a kitchenette with a pop up side table, a fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. It also features a bed, fixed and personal LED lighting, privacy curtains, tinted windows, a solar panel, and a roof deck with a ladder for accessibility. The cockpit seats two plus up to four in the cabin, not including the bed.

School Bus RV

Assignment: Starting with a used half-sized school bus, create an RV for a family of four for travel and adventure.

The School Bus provided a spacious platform for the build. Wider and longer than a typical Sprinter, the bus provided ample room for bunk beds to sleep four as well as four captains chairs and a removable table for dining and lounging. Amenities include a full kitchen with convection oven, microwave, sink, and ample cabinet space throughout. Other features include a full shower, flat screen TV, 12V air conditioner, WeBoost cell phone amplifier, LED lighting, and a comprehensive power system that runs on lithium batteries and includes three charging inputs: shore power, alternator, and solar.

Four Person Limo Transporter

Assignment: Convert this Sprinter 144 into a four person limo used for higher-end shuttle service. Our client’s business focuses on shutting students from Houston airports to College Station, TX.

There are four captain’s chairs in the cabin of the Four Person Limo Transporter, each one having a swivel and recline feature. In this way, the students can face each other while socializing. Facing the front, there is a high definition TV for entertainment. The removable table can be used for many different purposes, including studying on the way home.

RV Party Van

Assignment: A lady client requests that we make her Mercedes Sprinter 170 look like her Chanel purse. Touché.

The RV Party Van includes four captain's chairs, overhead storage/mini bunks, kitchenette, premium sound and video, dual side benches, premium lighting, dual beverage refrigerators, custom curtains, tint windows, custom entertainment console, roof rack and power awning. The cockpit seats two plus up to ten in the cabin.

The Brain Lab Build

Assignment: Turn this Sprinter 170 EXT into a mobile medical brain scanning facility.

The Brain Lab Build is a mobile medical build with many special features. The cabin has plenty of room for amenities including overhead lighting, cabinets, refrigerator, therapeutic chair, and a high definition TV. This TV can be used both for entertainment and for brain scanning purposes. The build also has fresh and gray water tanks. It has three custom steps for easy accessibility. The back of the van also has a portable toilet, a sink, and a microwave. Power inputs for charging the power system batteries include shore power (30 AMP 120 VAC), alternator input, and solar. Two 5,000 Watt batteries provide plenty of power to the high powered brain scanning device.

Competition Travel Van

Assignment: Create an RV family travel van used for transporting kids involved in horse riding competitions and little league baseball competition.

The Sprinter 170EXT has many RV type amenities that include dual 4-person bench that converts to a king size bed, a child bunk bed, and an additional fold down child bed in the back. A mini kitchen includes near full size refrigerator/freezer, microwave and sink. The rear compartment provides a cassette toilette and outdoor shower. The cockpit includes privacy curtain and swivel captains chairs that turn around to face a removable laguna table. An additional set of swivel captain's chairs provides total seating for up to 12. The cabin air conditioner includes custom ventilation distribution. External amenities include full roof rack, electric awning and 360° camera system.

Insulation and Sound Dampening

Land Yacht's comprehensive insulation and sound dampening package is one of our signature build features.

The Mercedes Sprinter is a high quality vehicle but at its core it is a utility van. Though the insulation is adequate for that application, it leaves a lot to be desired when converting to a luxury passenger vehicle. Land Yacht's package starts with a butyl and foil sound deadening mat that eliminates the rattles and road noise typical of a utility van. After that, a layer of 3M Thinsulate™ Acoustic/Thermal Insulation is applied which delivers even more acoustic absorption creating a much quieter and comfortable vehicle environment. The hydrophobic fibers also resist moisture, mold and mildew. The end result is a ride and feel that's more like and S-Class sedan.

Family Transporter

Assignment: Convert this Sprinter 144 into a simple, get around town, soccer mom transporter.

With kids involved in baseball and soccer and two babies to boot, our client is an assistant coach responsible for transporting this busy group of kids to and from their sporting destinations in comfort. The build, which seats ten, includes a 4-person bench and four captain's chairs in the cabin, plus two in the cockpit, all custom reupholstered in our standard kid friendly Olympus high performance vinyl that has a 2.5 million rub factor. The build also includes a large screen TV for entertainment, an overhead storage rack, 120VAC power outlets with phone and tablet chargers, and plenty of room in the back for stowing all the sports equipment.

Mobile Emergency Clinic

Assignment: Create an animated 3D video of a mobile emergency clinic to present to the client's corporate board.

Hot Shot Freight RV

Assignment: Our client wanted to combine her hot shot cross country freight business with some RV leisure time. Convert her new Sprinter 170 EXT to accomplish this goal.

Our client loved to travel and her niche was to coordinate her adventures with a hot shot delivery service that would pay for most of her travel expenses. She came to us with a van that she had put 850,000 miles on and said she wanted to build a new one, her dream van. The build includes a living area with mini kitchen; a full size bed; a freight/cargo area in the rear of the cabin designed to hold up to 2,000 pounds; a full electrical system; a roof rack, and custom upholstery throughout.

Air Conditioner Run Time

Assignment: Install an air conditioner that can run all night on house battery power without running the engine.

Our client came to us with this fairly common request. Air conditioners are generally big power hogs, so how do you provide one that will run all night without turning on the vehicle to keep the batteries topped off? The solution in this case was to use a Toshiba 12V low power air conditioner running on two 370 Amp Hour lithium batteries. This configuration allows a run time of approximately 10 hours with the van turned off.

Delivering the Van

Assignment: Delivering the Van

The process of doing a full conversion can take several months. When the day comes to deliver the finished product, everyone is excited. Our workers and our clients alike enjoy delivery day.

Carpet Options

Assignment: Obtain the best carpet options for our clients.

At Land Yacht, we use the highest quality carpet available. Our carpets are made with 100% wool, and are very durable. We can carpet whatever areas our clients desire as well as make specialty area mats and runners. Our carpets also have exceptional insulation and sound dampening qualities. They are removable so that they can be taken out and cleaned or removed for trips that would be more suitable without them. We also have waterproof options for activities like swimming and scuba diving.

Electrical Systems

At Land Yacht, we want to make sure that your custom van runs smoothly. The electrical system is the heart and brains of the vehicle so, if it doesn't work well, nothing else will. Our electrical systems typically use lithium batteries that range from 2kW (166Ah) to 5kW (430Ah). Up to three batteries can be used, bringing total capacity as high as 15kW (1,290Ah). A typical 5kW system will provide power for 120VAC outlets and appliances as well as 12VDC appliances and devices. Power is provided for options such as air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, water heater, cell signal booster, and entertainment. The power system can take several charging inputs including alternator, shore power, and solar. The power system controller is user friendly and automated and will automatically shut down when batteries get too low.

Hunting and Fishing Conversion

Assignment: Create an outdoorsman conversion for our client who loves hunting and fishing.

The conversion includes our standard insulation and sound dampening package which is essential for temperatures expected to drop as low as -20°. There is seating for up to eight and bench to bunk conversions sleep three. Amenities include mini kitchen, shower, and portable toilet. Our client commented, “So far, I’ve driven the conversion across the U.S. on the ‘Lost Highway,’ into the Rockies/Ozarks/Sierras fly fishing, up to NE/OK/KS on hunting trips, and throughout the Southwest on leisure excursions. Everywhere I go, it draws attention. People stop me at traffic lights, in fuel stations, at restaurants, and even snap pictures as we’re cruising the highways. It’s a ‘stealthy’ eye-catcher and a one-of-a-kind design/build.”

Mobile Medical Van

Assignment: Create an on-site clinic for Memorial Hermann Hospital

The build includes a blind spot assistance camera to improve safety while transporting injured patients. The camera also includes a DVR with up to one year of recording so that in the event of an accident, the staff would be protected from false claims. Night vision in the front and rear of the vehicle is also a feature. A built in TV is available for surgical purposes, as well as patients' entertainment. The chair can fully recline for surgical operations. The build also includes a mini kitchen and bathroom. The color palette is black and gray to match the Memorial Hermann colors.

Motif Upholstery

At Land Yacht, we like to create vans that have a color palette, called a motif. We also want to make sure these materials last. Most vans have interior materials that have a 200,000 rub factor which only lasts around 5 years. These materials are low quality and will rub off onto clothing. The material Land Yacht uses has a 2.5 million rub factor. There's no product like it, and it will last a lifetime. The material is also impervious to temperature extremes. Our headliner material is Alcantara that has a foam backing. It comes with insulation to reduce noise and also keep an optimal temperature. We also offer fire retardant options if you're looking for a material that's fireproof.

Save the Kids

Assignment: Create a child trafficking recovery vehicle

This conversion was designed primarily to rescue children from child trafficking. The van is used during active rescues and provides a safe environment for workers to provide medical care and counseling to victims. It also helps the victims recover from trauma and be reunited with their families.

Party Van II

Assignment: Our client had a party bus that was not, shall we say, very nice. So, out with the old and in with the new Mercedes Sprinter 170. Make it party!

And party it does. The build includes two benches and four captain's chairs in the cabin, seating up to 12, plus two in the cockpit. Amenities include large flat screen LED TV in the back and a Samsung 49” Odyssey QLED curved Gaming Monitor in the front with a PS5 Gaming System, side and center consoles with storage and cup holders, privacy sliding window access to the cockpit, and airplane style windows. And, of course, the build includes a premium sound system and custom premium LED party lighting that changes colors via remote control with 24 preprogrammed settings.