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JET 77

Luxury Transporter

The JET 77 is your choice for a luxury shuttle, limousine service or executive transporter. With seating for up to 14 passengers, JET 77 provides a distinctive quiet ride and interior comfort with ample storage space for cargo.

Built upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170-EXT, the JET 77 includes artisan quality interior upholstery upgrades throughout. Exclusive multi-layered flooring upgrades and extensive sound dampening provide a first-class ride in the cabin as well as the cockpit.

Interior comforts include swivel seating for socializing or doing business on the go. Seat recline is standard and an optional massage feature is available for relaxing and cruising in style. An inverter system provides power for laptops and mobile devices. Convenient overhead cabinets provide storage for your carry ons. An optional premium sound and/or video system rounds out the luxury interior experience.

A partition separates the spacious rear cargo area from the cabin. Optional chrome rims and upgraded tires offer style and an even smoother ride. And, as always, Land Yacht provides customizable options to meet the unique needs of all our clients.

JET 77

Features & Options

4-Person Seat

4-Person Seat

Raised Stadium Seating

Land Yacht’s 4-Person bench is upholstered in super-soft ultra-leather and comfortably seats four adults. The raised stadium seating allows excellent forward view and feet are kept comfy on 100% plush wool carpeting.

Interior Upgrade

Interior Upgrade

Upholstery & Styling Upgrade

A complete interior upholstery makeover including styling and stitching upgrades add a flare of luxury to the otherwise utilitarian Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Leather seats are optional.

Raised Armrest

Custom Armrest

Ergonomic Upgrade

Land Yacht’s custom ergonomically designed raised armrest greatly improves posture by raising the door armrest up to the same level as the seat armrest resulting in reduced strain on your back and neck.

Captains' Chairs

Captain's Chairs

Comfort Meets Style

Ride in comfort and style in captain's chairs that recline, swivel and even give you a massage (optional). Other chair options in include heat, air cooling, power footrest, power lumbar and 6-way power movement.


Seating for up to 12

Plus 2 in Cockpit

The JET 77 is a luxury transporter that can seat up to 14. Benches and captain's chairs can be arranged in rows of two or three and a four-person bench in the back is standard. Several seat functions are optional.

Bunk Bench

Cockpit Comfort

Luxury Cockpit Upgrade

JET 77 provides cockpit upholstery upgrades throughout including styling improvements and custom stitching. Leather wrapped steering wheel, super soft ultra-leather seats and sound dampening are standard.

Bunk Bench

Quality Flooring

1/4" Steel Foundation

Land Yacht flooring starts with a double layer of sound dampening insulation sandwiching a 1/4" steel foundation. PlasTEAK marine themed vinyl covers the cabin while 100% wool carpet covers the cockpit.

Power System

Luggage Rack

Dual Level Storage

Overhead storage and a dual-level luggage rack in the rear provide ample space for luggage, cargo and up to 12 golf bags. A full sound dampening partition adds to the quiet ride up front.

Power System

Power System

2,000 Watt Inverter Standard

A 2,000 Watt inverter provides standard 120VAC to several wall outlets. The outlets include dual USB charger connections for your cell phones and tablets.

Chrome Rims

Chrome Wheels

Add Some Bling

Add some bling and style with optional polished chrome rims and Michelin tires. The Michelin tire brand offers a smoother ride and better wear.

Permium Sound

Premium Sound

Two Upgrade Options

Land Yacht offers a simple amplifier and speaker upgrade to the stock Sprinter radio as well as a 700 Watt receiver upgrade with high end speakers and woofer.

YETI Coolers

YETI Coolers

Grizzly Proof

TANK 77 includes the YETI Roadie cooler. Larger YETIs are optional and stow out of the way under Land Yacht’s unique space saving aluminum bench frames.